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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

New Artist of The Day

I know right now a lot of you are stuck on Drake as your favorite "NEW" rapper (even though he been doin it 4 years), but Drake is not the only new rapper out here doin his thing, so i'm gonna start by giving you a list of new and upcoming rappers that I know are making quality music...

B.O.B is NICE, and if you have heard and listened to him you can attest (comment), but just check this mixtape out, Imma let the music speak volumes, and he produces his own music...

B.O.B. - WRNR: The Future (Mixtape)(Download)
B.O.B. - LRG Mixtape(Download)

New Tracks:
Born Wit It ft B.O.B. - Stack My Paper Up
Playboy Tre ft. B.O.B. - Nite Life
Bohagon ft. B.O.B. & Playboy Tre - Young Nigga

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