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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New Tracks!!!!

Serius Jones - Invincible HOTT!!!!
Lil Wayne & Juelz Santana - After Disaster
Lil Wayne & Juelz Santana - Rollers & Riders

This is how Lebron pre-game 4 the Magic

Friday, May 8, 2009

Make The Trap Say Aye...Video

this track BEEEEN out 4 a min but here go the video...

This has nothing 2 do with hip hop at all, but very intriguing...

Hot Shit....Just Click on The Mixtape Pics...

Drake - Take You Down Freestyle HOTT Shit!!!!

Gucci Mane ft. Juelz Santana - She Gotta Friend

Both of these mixtapes are coming REAL soon, MONDAY so watch out 4 em, but check the hot leaks from both...


Eminem - It Must Be the Ganga
Eminem - Deja Vu
Eminem - Beautiful
Eminem - Bagpipes From Bagdad
T.I. - Ain't F*ckin Wit Me
Rick Ross - Crack A Bottle (Freestyle) G-Unit Diss
Shawty Lo ft. Lyfe Jennings, Rick Ross, Bun B - 911
Trey Songz - First Date Sex(Jermih Cover) HOTT!!!!
Rich Kidz - What'z Up
Cam'ron - Spend The Night
Cam'ron - Where I Know You From
Cam'ron - You Know What's Up ft. C.O. & Sky-Lyn
Cam'ron - Woo Hoo ft. Byrd Lady & 40 Cal
Big Kuntry ft. Young Dro & T.I. - I Do
Yung La - Head to Shoes [HOTT!!!!]
Mullage ft. T.I. - Trick'n [HOTT TRACK!!!]

Ross goin in on Kid Cudi's The Sky Might Fall...

This Verse and Song just go hard as hell...

Random Act of Kindness 2

Eminem jus went in on this freestyle of the top, 2 a random asz beat, and a good interview...

50 Verse on Crack A Bottle, keep it 100 on this shit:

Thursday, May 7, 2009

BIG CAVS all day 2-0

There's not much more to be said about this series, its over:

I'm Baffled

Jung Tru - Mr. Miagi...I have no idea how this song has stayed STUCK in Saint Louis for more than 2 years...mainstream would EAT this up 4rl...

I found 1 more from St. Louis had to post em'...OOOPs Go Hard

OOOPS gettin it in 2, watch out 4 the kid...Louie Dip (Remix)

St. Louis Anthem - Hollywood AYE...They Goin IN... ft Huey, Young Ro, Da Bangaz, Hakeem the Dream, and OOOPS

I'm Still OHH SOO Very St. Louis...

I'm just gonna hit yall in the head wit some hot shit poppin off in St. Louis...

Go Check out my niggaz Show Me Squad too, cuz they been goin n 4 a min...

Aye Verb out here makin moves, n a lot of young talent out here KILLIN SHIT, this pure, raw, hip hop:

Shorty Coolin:

St. Lunatics - St. Lunatics [shit been out, but it go EXTRA Hard] & Get Low 2 Da Flo:

Get Low 2 Da Flo (Click Here to download)

Devo The Hoodlum [dude goin in on this freestlye]

Kid Cudi Goin in on that OnDaSpot Freestyle!!!!

Dude go HARD as HELL!!!!

Travis Porter: New Artist of the Day

I know a lot of yall have heard that Black Boy, White Boy shit, here go they new mixtape, this shit HOT!!! GO GET IT

Travis Porter - I'm A Differenter Mixtape

A few new tracks, check em out!!!

Lil Wayne & Madonna - Triggerman (Full Version)
Gucci Mane ft. Selasse - Get Lo Like a Lambo
Twista ft. Gucci Mane & Oj Da Juiceman - Walkin' on Ice

Unkasa, Starr, John Depp, Juelz Santana And Richmond Rabb - Mazi
The Cool Kids ft. Ludacris & Bun B - Pennies (Remix)
Jabari ft. Nicki Minaj & Pusha T - Dopeman
Plies ft. Yung Joc - Plenty Money (Remix)[HOTT!!!]

New Eminem Tracks!!!

Eminem is comin with the new album on May 19 and its soundin real Em like and quality too, a must have...Track downloads below video...

Eminem - Insane
Eminem - Dr. West Skit

I kno yall just love Drake, he got some hot collabs comin up...

Not much 2 say, another Drake Interview...Collabs comin with Jeezy and Kanye....

Hello World...

Aight this post is for everybody who comin here 4 the 1st time, just take a min n check as many of these post as you can cuz if you like rap musik at all you will love this site...It's only 2 pages just check the shit out, and comment...but alwayz remember on here u must...



Look at this madness...Hell Naw

Nikki Minaj Interview Fader TV

DJ Semtex - Drake Interview

Click the link below to here Drakes interview with a leading hip hop DJ from the UK...he's movin across the seas, where watchin the making of one of the greatest????maybe...

Hear Interview here

Nipsey Hussle!!!!!

If you ever liked the old west coast, from NWA, Easy E, Cube, Dre, straight gangster rap that you know this shit is still real out here...well that shit is back in this nigga Nipsey Hussle...If u aint heard him yet this shit is a must here...give him a listen and let people kno wat you think about him...and rember...Keep It 100

Nipsey Hussle Website

Bullets Ain't Got No Names: Volume 1 & 2 go hard!!!!

Random Act of Kindness

Lil Wayne & Madonna - Triggerman (Snippet)

DJ Drama Interview:

Bobby Ray and LUPE!!!!

Rick Ross ft The Dream - All I Really Want(Video)
He Really Shot this Shit in Colombia (Cocaine Capital)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

New Artist of The Day

I know right now a lot of you are stuck on Drake as your favorite "NEW" rapper (even though he been doin it 4 years), but Drake is not the only new rapper out here doin his thing, so i'm gonna start by giving you a list of new and upcoming rappers that I know are making quality music...

B.O.B is NICE, and if you have heard and listened to him you can attest (comment), but just check this mixtape out, Imma let the music speak volumes, and he produces his own music...

B.O.B. - WRNR: The Future (Mixtape)(Download)
B.O.B. - LRG Mixtape(Download)

New Tracks:
Born Wit It ft B.O.B. - Stack My Paper Up
Playboy Tre ft. B.O.B. - Nite Life
Bohagon ft. B.O.B. & Playboy Tre - Young Nigga


Since people still goin crazy over Gucci, Imma give u wat u want...
Some of these songz are album quality (for Gucci At least) so take a listen...
Some hot tracks are Wasted ft. Plies(above) and Boi EXTRA HOTT!!!

The Empire and Gucci Mane - Guccimania(Download Here)

New Tracks!!!!

Busta Rhymes ft. Maino - Foreign Currency
Yung L.A. ft. J-Money, Yung Woo - Right Now
Tha Joker ft. Big Fruit - Throw It Back
Drumma Boy ft. Gucci Mane, J-Money - I Got 'Em
Drumma Boy ft. Young Buck, 8Ball & Mjg - Round Me

Mike Jones ft UGK - I Got It
Ludacris - Grizzly

Monday, May 4, 2009

Keep It 100...Pst #1

I just randomly decided to take a break 4 now, but i will b back 2day wit some mo hot shit...And just remember...
Keep it 100

Nikki Minaj - Beam Me Up Scotty on MTV Mixtape Daily


Nikki Minaj - Beam Me Up Scotty Mixtape EXTRA HOTT

Tyga - Cali Love Video

He puttin on 4 the west coast, n he young money...


Wiz Khalifa - Go Hard

He gone blow...If you don't go this Flight School...Go Get It...ASAP

Wiz Khalifa - Flight School (Download at this Link)


Young Jeezy - Dead or Alive
Jadakiss - Hangover
Juelz Santana - Days of Our Lives
Lil Wayne - Fix My Hat (The Rebirth??) CD Quality
Gucci Mane feat. Three 6 Mafia, Young Joc, Oj Da Juiceman - Never Too Much (Remix)

Eminem - Old Time's Sake (feat. Dr. Dre)

St. Lunatics - Get Low 2 Da Flo
Cam'ron ft. Jadakiss - Let's Talk About
Cam'ron - Cook Up

Stuntman Ft. Juney Boomdata - They Say Where You Been

Juney Boomdata - Dont Listen to What They Say (feat. Jon B)(Prod. By Dj Speedy)

Disclamer N Some Mo Shit, LOL

First of all, I wanna let people know that I absolutely love HIP HOP music, with that said, I have made this site to help other people who love hip hop as well the opportunity to see parts of hip hop that I know a lot of people do not see. I know a lot of people don't really appreciate the music they just wanna listen to some shit they can rock their headz to and dance in the club, but this music is not just about that, its actually a culture and the music is something that should be valued. So, i'm not here to be your bootleg king, i will give new tracks as they reach the web and maybe a few mixtapes here and there, but as for albums, those will not be posted on this site, go buy the album and support the artist, if you really appreciate their music.

Secondly, FOLLOW MY SHIT, becuz this site is gonna b the next best thing as far as rap thing you want to know about rap and almost any rapper with quality music will be on here, from this point on...

But really i want er body to give input on this shit, let people know how you feel about the tracks, albums, mixtapes, shit watever i post on here, but remember...


Curren$y: This Ain't No Mixtape (Album Review)

After dropping mix tape after mix tape, Curren$y has come correct with the album “This Ain’t No Mixtape”, and no it’s not with Young Money. This is an online only album so if you want it you have to go here: to buy it, or find it by your own means. Curren$y left Young Money and branched off with his own music and has released a solid album. This album is by no means a collection bubble gum, kiddy, club rap (so if that’s what you listen to your not gonna appreciate it). Curren$y has come with some excellent music production as you can hear from the song “Blown Away” posted above. Anybody who knows anything about Curren$y from his Young Money days, knows he comes correct lyrically…and nothing has changed. Every track shows the flashes of lyrical and musical talent Curren$y portrayed in his young money days with great progression. The sound quality and delivery of Curren$y is somewhat awkward and at times hard to follow but, if you can listen and follow his music, he comes correct on every track.

A few tracks to keep your head up for are Elevator Music, On My Plane ft. Deelow, Sail On ft. Young Chris, and Cook Up ft Bun B. Elevator Music is a must hear song that any smoker will appreciate, but the beat is so melodic its sounds just like a music you would hear on a elevator, and the hook is quick n catchy “This is Elevator Music, Cause all We do is ride around and get high to it…That’s Why We Call it the Elevator Music”. The album doesn’t feature a lot of other rappers except for the ones on Curren$y’s label Fly Society. Another song that’s a must here is “The Jets Son” where Curren$y comes with some slick lyrics and much needed message is relayed in the track’s hook, “I’m doin my own thing, you should stop doin me, n stay in yo own lane, NIGGA GET YA SWAG RIGHT.”

A lot of the tracks are very short, but almost every single verse is CRACK. This album was a good way for Curren$y to take his first major independent step into the game, by means that a lot of artist don’t have the courage or talent to do. This album is not one of the greatest ever put together but Curren$y made this album and released it with production done by him and his camp only, it shows that he is in it for the love of the music and the quality of the music proves it.

If you have heard the album, tell people how you feel about it, but remember...

Rick Ross: Deeper Than Rap (Album Review)

Rick Ross - Deeper Than Rap

Rick Ross - Deeper Than Rap

Rick Ross' Deeper Than Rap is an excellent display of quality hip hop music. Rick Ross combines his "Boss" like style along with a plethora of R&B artist collaborations to create a solid album. Ross starts the album with one of the most untraditional beef songs any rapper has ever made, attesting to his true boss status. The song “Mafia Music” is a heated beef shot back at the entrepreneur 50 cent, who has been taking shots at the Boss. “Mafia Music” definitely was the best way for a boss to respond to childish beef plays. He shows who the bigger man and superior artist was in this beef through his word play and style on this track. He summed up the album with the tracks “Valley of Death” and “In Cold Blood” with more shots at 50 Cent, but once again it was another classy, boss-like, beef track, which shows Ross’ style as a rapper.

Then the Boss brings another classic song, “Maybach Music Part 2” which is a collaboration with some of the greatest hip hop artist in the game right now, T-Pain, Kanye West, and Lil Wayne and produced by The Justice League. This song, as do many other hits on the record, has some excellent features. Almost every track on the record brings another excellent feature (mainly a proven R&B artist) that brings great flavor and class to the Boss’ album. Other notable features include John Legend (Magnificent), Nas (Usual Suspects), The-Dream (All I Really Want), Robin Thicke (Lay Back), Foxy Brown(Murda Miami) Trina (Face), Avery Storm(Rich Off Cocaine), and Ne-Yo (Bossy Lady). The single Magnificent was an excellent way to display the musical quality of the album, the instrumentals and production of this song was superb, and the addition of John Legend took the song to another level. The production on the album is quality, but there is a large lack of diversity as Ross plays into the common {insert R&B hook] and [insert Rap Verse related to hook]} method of making a hip hop song. Ross does step out of the bracket on only a few songs on the entire album, but none the less the album is high quality music from start to finish.

Overall this album is a great listen and is a definite must buy for anyone who really respects and enjoys quality hip hop music. Solid production, excellent features, quality verses, and much anticipated response to a heated hip hop beef.

If you have heard the album, tell people how you feel about it, but remember...