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Monday, May 4, 2009

Curren$y: This Ain't No Mixtape (Album Review)

After dropping mix tape after mix tape, Curren$y has come correct with the album “This Ain’t No Mixtape”, and no it’s not with Young Money. This is an online only album so if you want it you have to go here: to buy it, or find it by your own means. Curren$y left Young Money and branched off with his own music and has released a solid album. This album is by no means a collection bubble gum, kiddy, club rap (so if that’s what you listen to your not gonna appreciate it). Curren$y has come with some excellent music production as you can hear from the song “Blown Away” posted above. Anybody who knows anything about Curren$y from his Young Money days, knows he comes correct lyrically…and nothing has changed. Every track shows the flashes of lyrical and musical talent Curren$y portrayed in his young money days with great progression. The sound quality and delivery of Curren$y is somewhat awkward and at times hard to follow but, if you can listen and follow his music, he comes correct on every track.

A few tracks to keep your head up for are Elevator Music, On My Plane ft. Deelow, Sail On ft. Young Chris, and Cook Up ft Bun B. Elevator Music is a must hear song that any smoker will appreciate, but the beat is so melodic its sounds just like a music you would hear on a elevator, and the hook is quick n catchy “This is Elevator Music, Cause all We do is ride around and get high to it…That’s Why We Call it the Elevator Music”. The album doesn’t feature a lot of other rappers except for the ones on Curren$y’s label Fly Society. Another song that’s a must here is “The Jets Son” where Curren$y comes with some slick lyrics and much needed message is relayed in the track’s hook, “I’m doin my own thing, you should stop doin me, n stay in yo own lane, NIGGA GET YA SWAG RIGHT.”

A lot of the tracks are very short, but almost every single verse is CRACK. This album was a good way for Curren$y to take his first major independent step into the game, by means that a lot of artist don’t have the courage or talent to do. This album is not one of the greatest ever put together but Curren$y made this album and released it with production done by him and his camp only, it shows that he is in it for the love of the music and the quality of the music proves it.

If you have heard the album, tell people how you feel about it, but remember...

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