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Monday, October 26, 2009

Lil Wayne: The Making of NO CEILINGS VIDEO...THIS IS CRAZY..."Jay Z Imma kill Your Song"

Just watch this n realize there is no paper/phone/ne writtin lyrics in the boot with this man...the greatest no lie

Monday, October 12, 2009

Cash Money in London...Basically Birdman Stuntin reall HARD

I'm patiently waitin 4 jay sean n kevin rudolf Cash Money Heroes to

Post Battle Interview Aye Verb vs Marv Won

New AYE VERB BATTLE...Aye Verb vs Marv Won


Lil Boosie ft. Yo Gotti, Bun B - Better Believe it Remix

Lil Boosie ft. Bun B, Yo Gotti, Trae, Foxx - Better Believe it Remix

If you haven't heard the album yet its a must hear...Boosie got a story like no other n every track jus bring another angle...n this track is HOT...

Serius Jones - Can't Stand Her Video

If you don't know by now I been a Serius Jones fan since he was SLAUGHTERING...yeah i said it...niggaz n the underground battle rap scene 4 some years he finally comin wit the album n heres one of his promotional thing he makes musically is quality n my books cuz he got bars n he goes above the head of a he b on this actin shit n jus like most of his freestyle battles this shit is pretty funny lol...

Rick Ross ft. Robin Thicke - Lay Back

This album was straight classic n this song just added 2 it 4rl...Robin Thicke took this track 2 another level

Birdman ft DRAKE - More Milli

Download Birdman ft Drake - More Milli...
This a hot otha blog I saw hated on my guy Birdman...but Drake snapped on this shit 4rl..

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Pt. 2...Arsonal Vs. Conceited...

I'm a Arsonal fan myself so i thnk he took it but Conceited came wit some BARZ too...this one of the toughest battles from both sidez I seen n a min...

Arsonal Vs. Conceited Grind Time Battle...Pt. 1

I haven't even finished watchin this my self but I had to post this...Conceited jus got at arsonal on this 1st round...damn...let me retract ARSONAL came back stronger than kimbo on some rambo type shit lol

Saturday, August 22, 2009

This Shit Is CRAZY!!!! J. Cole song that Jay-Z didn't want on American Gangster

How the fuck did Jay-Z turn this shit away...this shit go Ohh Soo Very Hard...WTF...J u a fool 4 lettin that slip by 4rl...

Wiz Khalifa & Boogz Boogetz - Favorite Show

Im a lil late on this video post as I saw it over a week ago...but um after listenin 2 it again I had 2 post it 4 everyone 2 enjoy..."Bitches watch me Like I'm they favorite show...

BIRDMAN [WTF] ft. Drake & Lil' Wayne - Money to Blow

Now when I 1st heard this song, I never thought it would end up on Birbman's album but shit that's wat u get when u run a whole recording co. ne n every song u want...
Shoutouts to @Octobersveryown 4 the pick...
Birdman ft Drake & Wayne - Money To Blow

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I was heated I was at work for this but yeah...after hearing it ST. LOUIS held that shit down...letting rappers kno they doin it big out here...where Arsonal the Rebel at LOL!!!
But Aye Verb lyrically slaughtered Hollow here...
Round 1

Round 2

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Murda Mook...Interview

Mook finally given us some tracks...look out 4 his shit...I don't see how anybody can hate on wat these freestyle battlers be doin out here...they just aint got that major rap nigga co-sign...they stay heavy wit metaphors, punchlines, and crazy bars hands down some of the best rappers out here...I don't care wat ne body say Murda Mook and Cassidy both raw as fuck as lyricist and rappers 2 me

I got to lookin at Cass new shit then found out that him and Mook made a song 2gether that I aint never here (Due 2 workin my asz off at GA Tech lol)...

Cassidy & Murda Mook - Expect the Unexpected