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Monday, May 4, 2009

Disclamer N Some Mo Shit, LOL

First of all, I wanna let people know that I absolutely love HIP HOP music, with that said, I have made this site to help other people who love hip hop as well the opportunity to see parts of hip hop that I know a lot of people do not see. I know a lot of people don't really appreciate the music they just wanna listen to some shit they can rock their headz to and dance in the club, but this music is not just about that, its actually a culture and the music is something that should be valued. So, i'm not here to be your bootleg king, i will give new tracks as they reach the web and maybe a few mixtapes here and there, but as for albums, those will not be posted on this site, go buy the album and support the artist, if you really appreciate their music.

Secondly, FOLLOW MY SHIT, becuz this site is gonna b the next best thing as far as rap thing you want to know about rap and almost any rapper with quality music will be on here, from this point on...

But really i want er body to give input on this shit, let people know how you feel about the tracks, albums, mixtapes, shit watever i post on here, but remember...


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