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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Murda Mook...Interview

Mook finally given us some tracks...look out 4 his shit...I don't see how anybody can hate on wat these freestyle battlers be doin out here...they just aint got that major rap nigga co-sign...they stay heavy wit metaphors, punchlines, and crazy bars hands down some of the best rappers out here...I don't care wat ne body say Murda Mook and Cassidy both raw as fuck as lyricist and rappers 2 me

I got to lookin at Cass new shit then found out that him and Mook made a song 2gether that I aint never here (Due 2 workin my asz off at GA Tech lol)...

Cassidy & Murda Mook - Expect the Unexpected

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